Graduate Federal Loan Consolidation Calculator

Consolidating graduate federal loans can significantly decrease your monthly loan payment. Use the simple consolidation calculator below to estimate your monthly savings.

You can use estimates for the loan amounts, and you can combine loans with the same or similar interest rates. If you are not sure of your rates, this interest rate chart may help.

Student Loan Consolidation Calculator
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Not Sure What Your Rates Are?

  Interest Rate
Stafford Loans in grace period 6.62%
Stafford Loans in repayment 7.22%
Stafford Loans issued before July 1, 1998 8.02%
Stafford Loans issued after July1, 2006 6.8%
Parent PLUS Loans issued after July 1, 2006 8.50%
Parent PLUS Loans issued after July 1, 1998 but before July 1, 2006 8.02%
Previous consolidations have fixed rates set at time of consolidation